DigiBunai is an open-source software for advanced weaving design - an efficient tool for creating, editing and analyzing Fabric, Artwork, Weaves and color ways and keeping a library archive.

The software will aid the weavers to create the artwork and translate the saree design to be loaded to the looms. It is first of its kind Open Source multi lingual software for Jacquard and dobby weaving; customized for Banarasi Saree having the unique feature of cloth editor, works as a play area for designers/weavers.  The software is Customizable (local language and library of local designs) and also can integrate Design tool of the user’s choice. 

Some of the features of the application have been highlighted below, in order to reach out to the grassroots with very specific customization to promote and retain the handloom art forms of India:

  • First of its kind open source Jacquard & dobby weaving tool
  • Customized for Banarasi saree weaving  
  • First multi-lingual CATD tool
  • Unique digital cloth concept 
  • Seamless integration of 3rd party design tools


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